The black wristband

This story happened to a friend of a distant cousin of mine. This person was a doctor in a hospital from a little town of USA. He was working on the night shift when a girl arrived with a lot of wounds by a traffic accident. The doctor had to take over the patient, but the girl was very badly injured. Although the doctor tried, the girl died on the operating table. Then, The doctor proceeded to put a black wristband on the wrist. This wristband shows the time at which the patient dies. The doctor continued his shift. When the shift of the doctor finished, the man boarded a elevator. He was really tired. There, he met with a woman. The woman said him he had a bad face and looked tired. The man nodded. Then, the elevator stopped and the doors opened. In front there was a girl. The doctor immediately recognized her. She was the girl who had died a few hours before. The doctor was scared and tried to close the doors. Just when they were closed, the girl raised her hand where she had black wristband. The man told the woman that she was the girl who had died when he attended her, and she still carried the black wristband on. Then, the woman raised her arm and said: “wristand like this?”. Hours later, they found the doctor fainted by exhaustion in the elevator.


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